Senior Principal: Agile

How did you build you career at IQbusiness?

I am relatively new to IQbusiness but this one year has shaped my career so much. I have redefined myself and moved towards my strengths and passions. I have a supportive lead, who allowed me the space to explore and build this role as I needed, whilst pushing me to explore new things and growth avenues.

How does your job contribute to growth in Africa?

Agility, particularly the product ownership role is still growing in Africa. I am directly able to influence people in the role with training, coaching and contracting.

Can you share any productivity tips?

Given the pandemic and new ways of work: I have worked on creating a home office that is my work sanctuary. I have customised it with all my favourite things; my son's art, my favourite motivation mantras (like "What would Beyoncé do?") and awards that I have received during my career. So that when I sit at my desk, beast mode is automatically activated.