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The IQbusiness Insurance team delivers outstanding thought leadership in macroeconomics, microeconomics, environmental forces and trends for South Africa and Sub-Saharan African Insurance Markets. 

We co-create solutions with you by combining your industry experience with ours, and utilising our focused consulting expertise across the realm of people, process and technology in Africa to help you accelerate in shaping and delivering on your strategy. 




Leading insurers are attaining sustainable, profitable growth, and staving off industry churn despite the tough environment. They achieve this by using customer and market insights to prioritise their technology modernisation and operating model innovation for their workforces and customers across channels, to deliver the products, services and experiences their customers truly need.


Digital Transformation unlocks opportunities across the entire insurance value chain, from new distribution opportunities; evolving how they assess, price, and manage risks; how to sell, buy and administer insurance products and services. In successfully transforming, insurers become innately customer centric, and use the insights gained by this to decrease costs and drive profitability.


The team at IQbusiness helped us reassess and change our organisational and operating model structures, supported by robust technology enabled by the development of new skills,”

- CEO of one of the top five leading insurers in South Africa.




Make strategic decisions around targeting new customer segments, approaches to loyalty and advocacy, competition and engaging with partner ecosystems in platform and demand-led digital landscapes to shape your product and service offering




Magnetise your customer experience to fight churn in policyholders and protect your top line




Use customer intelligence and market insights to prioritise spend on innovation that matters




Advance your data and analytics capabilities for hyper-personalisation and speed in customer service 



Empower your workforce and intermediary channels to deliver exceptional customer experience through enhancements in skills, technologies that an agile operating model brings.


Andrew Lee is the Insurance Industry Lead at IQbusiness. Contact him via for more information.

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