A Business Agility Conference about Getting S#!t Done
8 June 2023

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Agile Business, Digital Future

Join us at GESHIDOCON and immerse yourself in practical stories from renowned experts about getting sh#! done. Discover how Business Agility can supercharge your digital transformation and enable you to drive sustainable growth for your organization.

Customers care about what they get, not about the framework or model. To embody this delivery focus, IQbusiness Agility practitioners coined the term Geshido™ – The subtle art of getting stuff done, a framework-less approach to realising agile benefits.


08 June 2023


R1 500.00 per delegate

*Ticket includes breakfast, lunch and Cocktail evening

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This year we will discuss and share stories about ‘Agile Business, Digital Future:
How Business Agility Drives Digital Transformation

This conference is designed to help you tackle your toughest workplace challenges with local and international speakers through keynotes, 20-minute talks, and Open Space sessions that encourage participation, engagement, and deep learning.



You’ll hear from 9 renowned experts and practitioners in Business Agility, who will share invaluable insights and industry expertise.


Sally Elatta

CEO and Founder of AgilityHealth®


Naeem Seedat

Managing Partner: Digital Economy Business Group


Nozipho Duma

Group Data and Analytics Program Head | Head of Data at FNB South Africa


Sonja Blignaut

Founder & CEO of More Beyond


Nico Goosen

Executive Head: Business Change/Transformation, Portfolio Management Everyday Banking at Absa Group


Matthew Harvey

Agile Delivery Chapter Lead & RTE at ShopriteX


Norman Blunden

Founder and Principal Consultant at Inspect and Adapt Consulting


Zain Modack

Head of Business Change Execution: MFC


Jason Molesworth

Senior Strategist and co-founder of the Business Agility Consulting Group



Sally Elatta: Business Agility - Creating the right measurement and continuous improvement system to ensure success

Business Agility – Creating the right measurement and continuous improvement system to ensure success

Why are many organizations shifting their focus to enabling Enterprise Business Agility not just Team Agility? With so many change initiatives going on at the same time (Agile, DevOps, LPM, project to product…) how do you create the right measurement and continuous improvement system to ensure success and not overwhelm the people with change fatigue?

This session presented by Sally Elatta, CEO of AgilityHealth, will highlight some of the patterns she’s seeing emerge as organizations are scaling and accelerating their transformation efforts to accelerate this journey. Business agility is the ability to respond to change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed and thrive in a competitive market.

Naeem Seedat: Fertile Ground: The power of people-led digital business transformation.

The world as we know it is changing faster than ever, driven largely by industrial revolutions that have been powered by exponential advances in technology. As a result, businesses are evolving quickly as leaders race to digitally transform their business processes and ways of working while they modernise their technology platforms. However, while businesses evolve quickly, people within organizations change at a much slower pace which introduces a very real risk of leaving people behind in the quest to transform the organization. Learn what leading organizations are doing to ensure that they take their employees with on their digital business transformation journeys in order to create the fertile ground required for digital business transformation initiatives to succeed.

Nozipho Duma: Panel discussion

This is not your average Q&A session – Hosted by Reneshan Moodley, in this exclusive interview, we will hear from digital and data expert, Nozipho Duma. They’re sharing valuable lessons of how they’re getting sh#! done using agile methods to drive digital transformation with a focus on Data in organisations. Engage and change for the better with us.

Sonja Blignaut: Navigating uncharted territory: Lessons from wayfinding cultures

Over the last few years, it has become clear that we find ourselves in largely uncharted territory. The world is fundamentally changing, old certainties no longer hold true, and a plethora of new opportunities and threats surround us. This context invites us to become wayfinders: exploring new territory in agile and responsive ways. Humans have always been explorers; however, to become modern-day wayfinders, we must reframe our thinking and approach to change, uncertainty, and success. It requires us to shift from traditional, rigid structures to more flexible and dynamic ways of thinking and working that embrace complexity. This talk will explore the wisdom of complexity and what we can learn from ancient wayfinding cultures.

Nico Goosen: Transforming our change delivery model in everyday banking, adopting new ways of work through SAFe®

Hear practical stories and insights gained from their organisation’s journey towards transforming the change delivery model in everyday banking operations. The focus will be on how they adopted new ways of working through the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) and the benefits and challenges they encountered. Leave with actionable ideas and strategies to help your organisation transform its change delivery model to better align with the ever-evolving business landscape.

Matthew Harvey: Just doing it (the SAFe® way)! A real-life story of a SAFe® journey at Africa's largest retailer

This session offers a blend of practical lessons and theoretical concepts, focusing on the crucial component of People Enablement. Attendees will hear real-world examples of a journey towards agility and explore key concepts such as Feed Forward, Virtual Roles, Fail Fast, and 1 Culture. The talk will highlight how teams and people are brought together and how they can contribute to a culture of People Agility.

Norman Blunden: Determinants of digital transformation success.

For the better part of the last decade, just about every organisation seems to have had the intent to achieve some form of business agility objective or had a digital transformation desire. Surely by now we have insight into how to navigate the challenges and pitfalls, and have crafted a recipe or a paint-by-numbers to succeed in this regard?

But do we? Have we? I don’t think so.

There is a significant likelihood that the next transformation you tackle will fail! Or may not fully succeed…

It is possibly more useful to reflect on the attributes of the organisations themselves, that have (or certainly appear to have) achieved success in a digital world, rather than focus on what model, framework, or recipe we gear up to introduce.

In this session, capitalise on insights gained by a seasoned practitioner, who has had the privilege of exposure to exceptional truly South African organisations during the last three decades – and what it is that he believes made some of them inherently agile (long before agile was even a thing) while others miss the mark today.

Zain Modack: The good, the bad, and the ugly! Telling it like it is.

In this frank overview of Old Mutual’s Mass & Foundation Cluster’s agile journey, Zain Modack (Head of Business Change Execution) and Lara Sukdeo (Strategy & Innovation Exec) share what’s working, what’s not, and what’s blowing up on their Business Agility journey. You will hear the no-frills version of creating a vision, identifying early adopters, and rallying the masses to make a mindset shift. As many will know, this journey is challenging. Zain and Lara will also share their learnings and what keeps them resolute.

Jason Molesworth: The top 10 reasons strategic transformations fail & targeted solutions to accelerate your transformational results.

Ever wonder why so many strategic transformation efforts kick off with a ton of energy, excitement, and momentum only to wither with a whimper over time? It’s an all-to-common phenomenon, often with dire consequences for organisations struggling to evolve and transform their business consistently. In this targeted presentation, we’ll explore ten foundational challenges that contribute to transformation execution failure and targeted actions change champions can take to deliver higher-impact transformational results faster. We’ll also draw on real-world examples to bring these concepts to life in clear and applied ways, ensuring participants walk away with practical recommendations to improve strategy execution within their organisations.