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Business, regardless of what industry lens you look at it through, has always been highly competitive. But thanks to modern technology, trends, and new ways of work, things are more competitive today than they’ve ever been. Organisations are required to constantly evolve, to not only remain relevant, but to survive. Those who don’t adapt risk being left behind.

With IQbusiness, there’s no chance of that happening. Our clients demand a new value proposition from management consulting – to be cost effective, faster, and more innovative – offered by people with real expertise and proven experience. We can help your business thrive, because we understand the industry and local context within which you operate.



IQbusiness has been the management consultancy of choice for JSE listed banks and FinTech companies for years. We’ve been able to offer them services and solutions enabled by an Agile way of working, to help them better manage their business, corner new markets, increase customer loyalty, and more.



Capital Markets

Capital markets are concerned with buying and selling equity, investment opportunities, and other products of this nature. IQbusiness has a proven track record when it comes to implementing financial solutions and efficiencies, making us the perfect consulting partner for organisations in this industry.



The healthcare industry is one that is constantly evolving and seeing innovation brought to life. That being said, there’s always room for improvement, at a workforce, organisational, and technological level. IQbusiness can assist with implementing new efficiencies in each, whether it be through research, training, consulting or a combination of all three.



Insurance companies offer their clients risk management and compensation to mitigate uncertainty and loss. What are organisations in this industry doing, though, to safeguard their own future? Optimising the workforce and transforming your business can guide the way to a sustainable tomorrow. IQbusiness can supply both, as well as other necessary optimisations.



Retail is the industry that’s set to change the most moving forward. With online shopping only growing in popularity, it’s anybody’s guess what the traditional brick and mortar store is going to look like in the future. One variable that will always remain consistent however, is that it is all about the customer. We are capable of helping retailers reduce costs, grow market share, attract and retain customers, increase employment engagement, and more.




Data, voice, converged communications and reliable service delivery are a prerequisite for efficient business practice today. What can telco providers do to differentiate their offerings from their competitors and delight customers? What efficiencies can be implemented to boost the bottom line? A dedicated IQbusiness team can help you thrive in a market place of change, with increasing connections, strategies and actions, to help you grow.

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