The Certified Process Professional Masters course is facilitated over 6 x half-day sessions delivered in a virtual classroom-style engagement via MS Teams and Miro. Whether you are already CPP (Professional level) certified or have not yet been exposed to this programme, this exclusive virtual programme encompasses theoretical and practical training in customer centricity concepts and the CEMMethod™ for customer experience improvement.

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Day 4: Innovation Formula • Learn how to drastically improve a process / product and innovate using the Customer Experience Innovation formula. Day 5: Performance Management • Learn how to ensure that processes are aligned to business and customer outcomes. • Measure and manage business and process performance using a variety of tools and dashboards. Day 6: Digital Capability • Learn why technology should be driven by experience design, and how to determine system capability requirements from the Process Performance Landscape.


• Two dedicated facilitators with practical experience and knowledge • Simulation of a relatable case study as part of the practical exercises • Exercises exported post-training for your own reference • Live collaboration on a virtual whiteboard • Active participation in virtual teams • Local and international case studies PLUS: Two free coaching hours per participant post-training (valid for 8 weeks after the end date of the course) Attendees will attain the globally recognised Certified Process Professional level and/or Masters level certification through the BP Group.