The Importance of Measuring Your Customer Experience Maturity

February 12th, 2024
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How do you understand as a business where your CX capability sits on the scales of CX Maturity? Why would you want to know? Studying your CX Maturity gives your business a clear understanding of how far along you are in your CX journey to become customer-led, assisting your decision makers in prioritising strategic and operational initiatives. Customer Experience (CX) Maturity refers to the extent to which a business performs their outlined set of practices and strategies required to achieve their strategic objectives for delivering an excellent customer experience

Why assessing your organisations CX Maturity is essential:

  • Build a culture of continuous improvement within your business. Assessing your CX Maturity identifies gaps and opportunities for improvement, relating to people, process and technology.
  • CX Maturity is not solely focused on your CX practices but also your employee experience (EX). Engaging and understanding the needs and pain points of your employees enables your business to empower your people to deliver great customer experiences and service.
  • As your level of CX Maturity rises, you will find that this fosters long-term sustainability within your business. As you consistently deliver excellent customer experiences you will see higher levels of customer retention and loyalty, which gives your business a competitive advantage.

Building, driving and maturing an effective CX strategy comes with various challenges, even more so if it is being implemented across multiple countries or regions. IQbusiness Insights recently conducted a multi-year study that focused on driving and maturing the same CX strategy across different African countries in partnership with Momentum Metropolitan Africa Holdings.

In the upcoming webinar IQbusiness subject matter experts, Kerry Thomas and Melanie Zietsman will be taking you through the journey with Momentum Metropolitan Africa on this revolutionary study, going through the various barriers and enablers that were discovered in each country. The study highlights how important it is to mature your CX strategy within the context that it is to be implemented, taking into consideration internal and external factors in each region.

Join IQbusiness Insights on the 8th of March at 09:30 for the webinar where a discussion on how to drive and mature the same CX strategy across different African Countries will take place. You can register for the webinar here

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