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IQbusiness Graduate | Class of 2020

After graduating, why did you decide to stay at IQbusiness?

The company culture at IQbusiness is simply phenomenal. Coupled with this, IQbusiness allows me to gain experience and learn valuable skills in various industries, whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Since graduating, how have you built your career at IQbusiness?

After the basIQ’s Graduate Programme, I joined the Analysis line of business. Whilst within Analysis, I have grown exponentially and subsequently been promoted a few times, still growing and learning under the watchful eye of the Analysis leadership team. I am extremely satisfied with my growth at IQbusiness, particularly considering that I had started off in the graduate pool, and am currently a team lead for graduates. I think this is testimony to the rate of growth that can be achieved at IQbusiness.

What the best advice someone at IQbusiness has given you?

Have a plan for every single thing you want to achieve. Be it making a burger or building an empire.