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The workforce fuels the organisation. Unlock the potential within your employees with our carefully tailored people solutions.


The professional practice of transitioning individuals, teams, and organisations from a current state to a desired future state.

Do you have a need that can be met by employees doing things better, faster or differently? Do you want to adjust organisational or team motivation and behaviour to improve efficiency and a superior customer outcome?

The IQbusiness organisational design and change management methodology is based on international best-practice, with our own knowledge and experience bundled in for extra value. We work with both structure and culture to enable tangible change, while limiting disruption to your business.

Our services and solutions include:

The three types of change typically experienced within organisations are:

  • Planned Change - Deliberate change as a result of collective intention and active planning.
  • Emergent Change - Spontaneous and unplanned, reactive changes.
  • Imposed Change - Involuntary changes related to industry or the social or political landscape.
M & A People Journey

We work with both acquiring and acquire organisations in managing M&A journeys timeously. Ultimately, engaged leader and organisations result in a stronger, integrated new combined business.

Change Management

The professional practice of transitioning individuals, teams and organisations from a current state to a desired state. This is done by preparing, equipping and supporting individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organisational success and outcomes. This will result in reduced costs, improve customer service or increased value.


We offer expertise and solution in team effectiveness, leadership alignment as well as coaching and mentoring techniques and skills. We can assist with assessing leadership gaps and design leadership development plans as well as align leadership strategy with business strategy.

Strategic Human Resources

Redefining and optimising HR practices and delivery. Enablement of human resource functions through assessment, realignment and leader coaching. Working with your leaders and HR team to build a healthy and engaged workforce.

Servicing Your Customers

We offer an integrated and scalable approach to customer centric transformation. Our partnership with the BP Group ensures access to the latest global thought leadership on Customer Centricity, while our local experience enables us to tailor an approach that will be relevant for you. Happy customer's are based on your employees. We work with your customers value proposition and your workforce to enable a successful business.

Organisational Development and Design

Design of effective organisational models, structures and talent profiles that enable customer orientation, business strategy and operating practices. Its an effective application of tools, methods, frameworks, technologies and processes to make your entire organization more productove, innovative and profitable. Organisational Development is an ongoing, systematic process of implementing positive and effective organisational changes.


We provide our clients with a tool to define their culture and give sound insights to the as-is and to-be processes, highlighting areas of strengths, and development. The Global Human Capital Trends report includes a survey of more than 10,000 HR and business leaders across 140 countries and looks at challenges that lie ahead for business and HR leaders .in 2017 The report tells us "Organisational culture, engagement, and employee brand proposition remain top priorities in 2017; employee experience ranks as a major trend again this year".

Change, Leadership and Strategic Coaching

We can provide change management training that will both upskill and empower your employees with the understanding of change and the best practice skills. Our approach to managing change flexes traditional methods of successful transformation with agile methods. We work with your leaders and employees to both build strategy and alignment. We facilitate bespoke workshops and team development working sessions to build knowledge collaboration and a business ambition.

Target Operating Model

A target operating model provides the vision for organisations undergoing change. This work is closely linked to strategy and we would typically offer this when there is a new strategy or new business model being implemented. We would partner with you to develop a roadmap to transition your organisation from your current state to your reinvented state.

Bespoke Human Resource Solutions

We can provide customised solutions to support your individual business needs. These include HR outsourcing, HR consulting, HR documentation, employee development and performance and recruitment services.

Communications and Campaigns

Development and execution of an end-to-end customised communication plan and internal marketing campaigns and/or initiatives that will support any change projects and/or product launches that employees will need to be made aware of.

Team Effectiveness (Team Building)

A team is made up of two or more people who work together to achieve a common goal. We can assist with driving and reinforcing team cohesion to ensure effective acheivement of the necessary goals and objectives.


Your organisation delivers an experience to clients. Make sure it's seamless.

The customer experience must be designed holistically in order to achieve successful results. We have partnered with a global thought leader in Business Process and Customer Experience Management so that we can enable our clients and offer them only the best service.

By redesigning processes around your customer, you will drastically improve their experience with your brand. This will open up doors to:

  • Increased revenue.
  • Improved service.
  • Reduced cost.
  • Organisation change.
  • Growing market share.
  • Increased employee engagement.


Agile is often described as a methodology. We prefer to call it a way of working.

We are in a continuous cycle of change to respond to customer needs. The speed at which they respond has become a leading indicator of success. For individuals, teams, and organisations who want to optimise the delivery of value on projects and programmes, IQbusiness is a catalyst for change through our Agile consulting, contracting, and research offerings.

We are the largest Agile consulting team in the country, with many years of practical experience in both traditional and Agile ways of working. Our evolutionary method uses an Agile approach to mobilise the workforce by first assessing the environment and teams, providing targeted training, and embedding principles and practices through coaching. There is also a strong focus on people change management, and as with all transformations, understanding the impact on the individual is fundamental to the success of this endeavour.




How we learn, what we learn, and why we learn is changing fast. Don't get left behind.

The demands of business are increasing, and the supply of skilled and experienced employees, decreasing. Do you have a plan to address these issues and bring together all the necessary steps to create a comprehensive workforce development solution? Is your organisation prepared to learn at the speed of need?

IQbusiness doesn’t just provide a learning service – we offer a holistic approach to workforce development, informed by years of creating and implementing custom solutions. As a learning partner we can help you:

  • Design a culture of learning
  • Embrace innovative technologies and tools to prepare for the future
  • Value diversity and advance inclusiveness through learning solutions




We help organisations amplify their ideal culture.

At its worst, culture can negatively impact employee productivity. At its best, it is an energiser - a tool that embodies a powerful set of emotional resources. Culture influences how people behave in the organisation, and it is the key to unlocking untapped value.

The IQbusiness culture offering provides sound insights into an organisation’s cultural landscape. Based on these findings, we are able to highlight areas of strength, as well as identify hidden opportunities. We use only the best tools to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption. We have helped many solve their cultural needs by:

  • Defining the optimal culture of the organisation
  • Determining whether the culture enables or hinders the organisation’s strategy
  • Implementing diverse culture solutions
  • Determining appetite and risk for change adoption
  • Assisting leaders to identify quick wins to enhance efficient cultural practices
  • Creating bespoke solutions to support agile and/or digital adoption across the business
  • Using agile and/or digital to transition the organisation
  • Enabling customer experience by considering the entire value chain
  • Facilitating dialogues and storytelling in order to identify relevant needs
  • Translating global employee survey results into a South African context
  • Supporting the cultural change journey
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