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IQbusiness Graduate | Class of 2008

How have you built your career at IQbusiness?

Well I can’t say I have built my career at IQbusiness yet as I am still building my career here. This is where my UX|UI career started and I’m still absorbing as much information as I can. Through their multiple learning platforms, from BasiQs, Udemy courses and other learning platforms to better my skills and be able to reach my full potential. Being at IQbusiness is not about the getting to the destination but it is more about the journey you take to get there.

Can you share an experience which demonstrates an IQbusiness value?

InfoShare, which is an event that takes place every year. You get to meet with fellow colleagues and the broader IQbusiness network. Information and advice is shared from seniors, which has really motivated me to be a better person and strive for more.

How does your job contribute to growth in Africa?

Good UX design not only entices users but has the potential to greatly increase conversions, generating value for a business in the most literal sense of the word