2024 L&D Trends Report South Africa Edition

December 14th, 2023
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Technology plays a vital role in the learning and development landscape. Organisations often have dispersed learning environments, including content libraries, internally hosted content, and bespoke Learning Management Systems (LMS). We’ve joined forces with HowNow, harnessing their intuitive technology, to introduce a learning experience platform to organisations in our market. This platform enables them to establish a centralised access point for all their learning environments, creating a learning ecosystem that seamlessly integrates learning into the workflow, precisely when it’s needed.

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Our global business landscape is marked by economic downturns and rising living costs, contributing to a noticeable increase in “quiet quitting” as employees grapple with financial pressures. To mitigate these effects, L&D teams must adapt to drive tangible business outcomes and address a critical concern: the disconnect between L&D solutions and organisational goals. Over the past two years, alignment has notably declined, highlighting the inadequacy of traditional approaches. The solution isn’t merely offering more learning; it requires a shift toward providing opportunities for learning in the workflow, precisely when needed, with relevant content readily available.

In a world where skilled talent is a sought-after treasure, the 2024 L&D Trends Report South Africa edition emphasizes the importance of adopting a skills-first approach. By identifying and addressing skills gaps, constructing a comprehensive company skills profile, and aligning learning with career advancement, organisations can effectively retain, reskill, and upskill their workforce, surmounting challenges in the process. Consequently, by prioritising purpose-driven conversations linked to business objectives, organisations can empower employees for growth within the company, addressing some of the primary concerns influencing employee retention.

As you navigate the complexities of 2024, let the L&D Trends Report be your compass for reshaping your L&D strategy to yield meaningful, measurable business impact. Approach this evolution purposefully, empower your team, and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

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