UX/UI Design Services | IQbusiness



Our designers work to present the user with a visually pleasing, easy-to-understand pathway using responsive interactivity to deliver a seamlessly satisfying experience.


Our capabilities include:

• User research

• Creating personas

• Designing wireframes

• Interactive prototypes

• Minimum viable products (MVPs)

• Software interface designs

• Training courses


Tier 1 Bank – DESIGN HUB

Assisting a Tier 1 Bank’s Customer-Centred Design Team to provide world class design for their Digital Fast Lane and other strategic innovations


Client Challenge

Our client - one of the Tier 1 Banks in South Africa offering commercial, investment, wholesale and retail banking services as well as insurance, asset management and wealth management solutions - is growing a full stack design and development capability to innovate across channels in a customer centred approach. They required evolving Agile, CX, UX, visual design and development skills to meet the growing demand that their success is creating.


Strategy and Solution

We worked closely with the client’s design executive to understand the roadmap and to make highly talented teams available to enable rapid concept design and pitch book creation as well as hands-on design leadership, user experience design, customer-centred design and visual design. Over 25 of our team were involved in creating many ‘digital firsts’ across the client’s Digital Fast Lane and other business initiatives. This included high quality leadership and deliverables across the design lifecycle, from concept research, validation, design, wireframe development and proposition testing.



CIB BS&R Processes and System Modernisation


Client Challenge

A top tier bank in South Africa operating in 20 countries across Africa and other key markets around the world. It is Africa’s biggest lender by assets. The bank’s CIB BS&R and downstream people and systems that integrate with BS&R data were facing various challenges of manual data sourcing into excel and completing numerous templates to obtain a stage three provision for IFRS9.


Strategy and Solution

Through a five-day workshop with all stakeholders, we identified initiatives and a roadmap to minimise manual processes and waste where possible; makes it easier for downstream people, processes and systems to integrate with BS&R data and processes. IQbusiness facilitated a design thinking sprint with representative stakeholders across technical, business and system usage (users), resulting in the creation of validated concept-level business cases to be pitched against each other. The client indicated that for the first time ever, they had in a very short time come up with a business case representing requirements across business, technology and users, to better inform them on how to proceed.


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