Partner: Experience Design - Digital

How did you build you career at IQbusiness?

I joined IQbusiness through the acquisition of Hi-Performance Learning and CUDA Technology businesses. Having led the technology team at CUDA, it made sense for me to join the IQbusiness Technology Enablement team, where I drove the sales effort initially. A few years in, I started the digital team with two colleagues, which has subsequently grown into our Digital Experience Innovation business of almost 100 creative business technologists and designers, who help our clients create digital experiences that matter.

Can you share an experience that demonstrates one of our values.

IQers care. They truly 'Give a Damn', about each other, our clients, and the problems we solve for them. This care is evident by the amount IQers who learn about their domain and the problems we solve, before innovating. Our constant innovating leads to solid delivery for clients, and this delivery is why we foster amazing relationships. It happens daily all around us, and proves that our values are more than 'a list on a wall' - it is a value system, with Care at the centre of it.

How does your job contribute to growth in Africa?

I help organisations create more meaningful digital experiences that make their businesses more successful. The more our clients in SA grow, the more we collectively contribute to growth in the country, region and continent!

What is your favourite quote?

"Given an axe and 6 hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first 4 sharpening the Axe." - Abraham Lincoln