Manager: Experience Innovation

How did you build your career at IQbusiness?

I pursued my purpose which is making a difference in people lives. Based on my experience as a Business Analyst, I investigated opportunities available within IQbusiness. I set SMART goals for myself like getting my CPP certificate and joining the CEM team which was a start towards being a CX designer lead. I’ve always kept a growth mindset and persevered when faced with challenges.

Can you share an experience that demonstrates one of our values?

I have the opportunity to learn from so many people which then empowers me to be able to do the same. I'm able to share my learnings with IQers and clients so that we all prosper and grow.

What is the best advice someone at IQbusiness has given you?

The importance of having a work and life balance while we are making a real difference to our clients.

Tell us a joke only people in your profession will understand.

I'm actually buying from somewhere else right now. It’s just that your Wi-Fi is better than mine.