​Business Unit Lead - Data and Analytics

How did you build you career at IQbusiness?

I started out as a fresh-faced Scrum Master in the agility team working with a team on client side. Over the years I experimented, learned and grabbed the opportunities that came my way. At present I work as an Agile consultant with multiple teams and stake holders, at varying levels within the organisation.

How does your job contribute to growth in Africa?

We help organisations be more productive which in turn stimulates our economy. We also play a role in the growth of the people we work with, growing people grows the potential of Africa.

What is the best advice someone at IQbusiness has given you?

You have glass balls and rubber balls, the rubber ones will bounce back if dropped, so focus on the glass balls.

What is your favourite quote?

"If you want flow, stop the flooding" - Sally Elatta