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The My20Twenty app is the perfect solution to plan, track and execute your client’s portfolio needs. 

My20Twenty is a platform that helps brokers and their clients stay on top of their entire portfolio, from personal wealth management to investment and retirement planning, life and medical insurance.

The platform is a South African first when it comes to managing multiple broker services in one place. Developed in collaboration with IQbusiness, My20Twenty gives brokers and consumers real-time updates on their portfolios while giving users the tools needed to understand and manage everything on one platform. 


This platform gives you a holistic view of all your clients and their portfolios at the click of a button, helping you do the right thing at the right time. It enables effective integrated sales management, allowing you to increase your reach and scale.

As a broker, the app offers you:


The broker hub is technically free to use; when brokers add clients, they pay a nominal monthly fee based on the number of clients. 

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