A South African born, third generation Madeiran married to a South African Italian with two wonderful children.  Our boys are both studying engineering at the University of Cape Town. A family person at heart with a passion for all types of sport and the great outdoors. 

As a member of the IT executive at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange for 20 of my 37-year tenure, I established new or contributed to the change of capabilities, competencies, and people in support of the digital transformation. From green initiatives to reduce paper consumption, the creation and migration to an electronic share register and share certificates, the transition from the open outcry Exchange floor to Electronic and automated trading, and ultimately high frequency trading, Colocation, and the merger and acquisition of the SA Futures and Bond Exchanges into the JSE. These step changes have demanded a constant focus on efficiency and innovation, which ignited the passion within me as the Strategic Enterprise Architect and leader of Lean-Agile-change, effective problem solving and organisational strategic execution, alignment, and sustainability.


I transitioned into the next phase of my career, after successfully initiating and leading the Agile and DevOps @ scale transformation initiative at the JSE. I joined the IQbusiness Agility team as an Agile Consultant after obtaining my Scaled Agile Program Consultant certification in Amsterdam. With this in hand, I am actively participating in and driving scaled agile transformation and people development interventions and programs for the financial, insurance, telecoms, and retail industries. In line with a continuous learning culture, respect, empowerment and courage, incremental growth in people and workforce are front and centre for me, as they are essential for an organisation’s growth and delivery of customer value.