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IQbusiness has over 20 years’ worth of experience in payments. Our consultants work extensively in financial institutions in South Africa, and have worked o‌n projects in 17 African countries, covering all payment streams, channels and legislative, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

  • Flexible – We can adapt existing learning programmes to operate successfully in a blended learning environment, or develop a customised solution.
  • Dynamic – Monotonous and boring is not our thing; all our training is lively, active, and helps participants put their learning into practice. We build solutions to empower employees, aligned to business strategies.
  • Experienced – On an annual basis we complete and deploy 100’s of learning courses and events. We advise and build learning solutions for clients across Africa.
  • Knowledgeable – We have a deep understanding of how a successful training course impacts organisational success and increases employee engagement. Our qualified and experienced team have the required technical expertise to design and implement best-fit learning solutions.
  • Accredited – Our solutions, wherever required, have the right accreditation with the relevant SETA’s or tertiary institutions.
  • Rational – We recognise that fees and rates will be an important consideration in any project or engagement, therefore we constantly monitor and benchmark our fees and rates to be extremely competitive.



Bespoke Learning Development

With an experienced team, IQbusiness has ability to create bespoke learning solutions, which are designed to address organisation specific problems and challenges. We engage and understand your requirements before proposing a solution, allowing us to blend various components to address and meet your needs and requirements.

Our team is tool agonistic and will work with what is most suitable for your environment and organisation. Our solutions include:

  • Animations (2D / 3D)
  • Videos
  • Games
  • eLearning


Card Academy

IQbusiness has over 18 years’ worth of experience in payments. Our consultants work extensively in financial institutions in South Africa, and have worked on projects in 17 African countries, covering streams, channels and legislative, regulatory, and compliance requirements.


The Card Academy is a product of all that experience. It is for clients and individuals who want to be able to operate and/or deliver projects in this complex environment. The training covers:


  • The fundamentals of card
  • Issuing and acquiring
  • The economics of card payments
  • Card risk and fraud management, compliance, and security requirements
  • Information on new types of cards
  • Emerging card payment methods
Human Factor Training

Human Factor Training was developed as a result of specific aircraft accidents that occurred due to human error. Whilst many other industries have workplace accidents, aviation has the advantage in that the ‘Black Boxes’ on aircrafts have provided evidence of the specific failings in human performance. This ‘evidence’ has been the foundation of these exceptional training programs and because of its success, can now been implemented into other industries where similar conditions and considerations can lead to loss of production, damage, and injury.


Some of the skill sets discussed in the Human Factor Training program are how to:


  • Cope effectively and calmly with life threatening emergencies
  • Adhere to Company SOP’s (Standard operating procedures)
  • Understand complex problems and solve them quickly
  • Make minute-to-minute decisions which need to protect the lives of workers and/or the public
  • Work effectively together as a highly synchronized team
  • Concentrate acutely for extended periods of time
  • Separate personal matters from professional
  • Have a high level of diligence
  • Be professional and vigilant, and recognize that errors can be costly to the company and/or cause injury to employees


Many industries, especially those with high levels of safety concerns, can benefit from Human Factor Training. Examples include:


  • Mining, Oil and Gas
  • Energy (Electricity Supply)
  • Security and Police Services
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Medical Services


For more information, kindly email info@iqbusiness.net

Management Development Programme

In today’s environment, we understand that:


  • Promotions from junior/agent level are made, with individuals that do not have adequate business and functional skills
  • Individuals do not understand the concept of coaching, and are individually not yet equipped to coach themselves
  • In an ever-changing environment, individuals have very little or no control over many aspects within that changing environment
  • Expectations in individuals are raised and set by organisations, and as a result, individuals are often set-up to fail, resulting in valuable resources leaving the organisation
  • Any failure at this role level creates additional complexities for the next level, who potentially will be burdened with this additional work, placing them at risk of not fulfilling their own responsibilities


Can you afford to wait longer, before you equip your team to perform effectively in their roles? In our experience, it is not a lack of talent but rather the surrounding environment and the approach to building relevant skills, and harnessing talents and abilities effectively.


While there are many programmes on offer, the IQbusiness Management Development Programme is differentiated by its unique design and execution. We believe in a unique “blended” and proven high performance approach.


For more information, kindly email info@iqbusiness.net

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