IQbusiness: measure and grow your capabilities with AgilityHealth

August 26th, 2021
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We are excited to partner with AgilityHealth, a company that is passionate about scaling and accelerating Digital and Agile transformations through our enablement platforms. They created an agile assessment and organisational growth tool, specifically designed for companies that want to adopt or scale Agile and want visibility into the performance and health of their teams.

AgilityHealth is also the creator of the Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) Strategy Model that provides organisations with guidance on what is needed to become an agile organisation through its seven pillars:

  • Customer seat at the table
  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • Organisational Structure and Design
  • Agile Framework and Mindset
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Make it stick/sustain
  • Technology Agility

Agility at IQbusiness will keep on evolving our existing offerings, incorporating the AgilityHealth platform as part of them. For example, our Agile Accelerator and SAFe implementations will now use the platform to create a baseline at the start of our engagements, to compare to the end of the initiative. They will also become part of our new Agile Assurance, Roles-based Academies, and Lean Portfolio Management offering.

Upon completing our engagement, you can decide if you want to continue using the platform as part of your teams’ continuous improvement tool kit by subscribing to the platform and creating the internal capability to facilitate the process.

Learn more about the platform and the Team Health Radar here.

Look out for our joint Webinar with AgilityHealth on 30 September 2021, for and deep dive into the platform and our partnership.

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