IQbusiness and SpryAgility partnership

July 5th, 2021
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IQbusiness and SpryAgility partnership
Faced with unpredictable markets and changing conditions, many businesses are looking for ways to help them respond. Business Agility, as a philosophy, is known for providing quick, effective solutions to business-related challenges – something leading independent management consulting firm, IQbusiness, has been driving for the last few years.

Biase De Gregorio, Executive Partner and Agility lead at IQbusiness, together with his team, has been involved in large Agile transformations and enables businesses’ achieve the positive impact that these transformations can have on achieving their objectives. Remaining competitive and relevant means that businesses need to change the way they have traditionally worked.

Based on this, IQbusiness and SpryAgility – a company that provides interactive, practical Kanban training, coaching, and implementation to assist teams and organisations on their transformation journey – are announcing a partnership. Because of Spry’s established Kanban competency within South Africa and the IQbusiness strong Agile coaching competency, their combined offerings will result in increased value delivery for their clients.

“As IQbusiness, we aim to always make an impact on both individuals and organisations,” explained De Gregorio. “We believe that SpryAgility is the top Kanban practitioner in the country and that, through this partnership, we will increase our value to our customers, achieving the promise of Business Agility.”

Berto Coetsee, owner and founder of Spry, expressed his excitement for the road ahead, saying, “We share the same passion, value system, and ways of thinking as the IQbusiness Agile team, with a personal and connected passion to broaden the Business Agility community. We want to improve the value offering across our joint client base as we embark on this journey. This means broadening the Kanban competency and extending the value and growth we deliver in South Africa.”

The collaboration has the potential to broaden the Kanban community externally whilst developing the Kanban competency within IQbusiness. It will provide a solid foundation to solve Business Agility challenges and extend and complement existing practices (such as Scrum and SAFe) and capability.

Furthermore, the partnership will enhance the creation of certified Kanban practitioners through exposure to the Kanban University and the offering of accredited training courses, such as Team Kanban Practitioner, Kanban System Design, Kanban Systems Improvement, Kanban maturity model, and Kanban coaching practices.

This will, in turn, lead to continued improvement of the value IQbusiness and SpryAgility are able to offer their clients. This value goes beyond software and IT teams; it enables continuous improvement in operational and support environments, particularly finance, marketing, audit, and HR.

The future of Agile rests in leveraging its transformative impact beyond IT into the entire organisation, fundamentally changing the way a business operates and serves its customers. This collaboration has the potential to not only transform organisations to become more responsive to challenges that may arise due to technological disruptions, increased competition, and other socio-economic factors, but also to pave the way for future success across industries.


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