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Finding good business partners is critical to the success of growing businesses. Our network of alliances and partners enable us to offer your organisation only the best services and solutions. Collaboration is the key to stimulating significant business growth, after all.



Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon.com that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies, and governments. The technology allows subscribers to have at their disposal a virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the Internet.

IQbusiness is a partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in South Africa - the electronic commerce and cloud computing company. We are rapidly building both capacity and capability, based o‌n client demand, especially in the Financial services industry. Our experience includes assessments, re-designing integration, design, reviews and security reviews.

BPESA is the Industry Body and Trade Association for the Global Business Services (GBS) Sector in South Africa.

As a not for profit entity, BPESA was established to promote trade and serve the interests of its many stakeholder groups engaged in the development, growth and sustaining of this vibrant sector that cuts across many industry verticals of the economy.

BPG is an organisation that is widely known and respected for its expert trainers, coaches and consultants.

Founded in 1992, the Business Performance Group has spent the last 24 years travelling the world, working with and learning from some of the world’s best-known and top-performing companies. BPG is widely known and respected for its expert trainers, coaches and consultants, many of whom are published authors and well-known thought leaders.

BPM-D® is the trusted advisor for realising the full potential of the Business Process Management (BPM) Discipline.

With over 30 years of thought leadership and deep client relationships, BPM-D® provides strategy execution, at pace and with certainty, to both mature BPM organisations within large enterprises and those that are new to the practice. With patented Frameworks to map the way, BPM-D® charts a path to success for executing strategic objectives. Our expertise is focused on guiding you to the next phase of your company’s success.

Chart Learning Solutions helps organisations develop high-performing leaders, managers, sales executives and customer service providers though blended learning and consulting services.

Chart Learning Solutions’ suite of assessments, blended learning, and MAPs (Managed Accountability Plans™) raises the bar on performance and creates lasting cultural change through a unique four-stage methodology. They help organisations create effective processes for driving results by building a common language between sales, service and leading managers, igniting high-quality conversations that stimulate innovation and creativity, and achieve employee accountability through their Performance Assurance System and learning MAPs.

CrossKnowledge delivers digital learning solutions that are designed to transform individuals and drive business results.

CrossKnowledge is an engaging, forward-looking digital learning solution, driving business outcomes and the ability to transform individuals and entire organizations. We provide a customized, fully integrated learning solution and implement it at unmatched velocity. CrossKnowledge's learning solution is complete - bringing together our cutting-edge technology and world-class content into a blended environmnet. only CrossKnowledge has the experience, agility, and foresight to help you build an innovative and more effective learning solution. CrossKnowledge, a Wiley brand, servies over 12 million users in 130 countries.


Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is a set of solutions and products, including GCP and G Suite, that can help you solve your toughest business challenges.

IQbusiness is a registered partner to the Google Cloud Platfo‌rm (GCP). GCP is a suite of cloud computing services that runs o‌n the same infrastructure which Google uses internally for its end-user products.

IQ Capital is an independently owned, private investment, and corporate advisory house.

IQ Capital is an independently owned, private investment, and corporate advisory house with a focus on business re-engineering, deal facilitation, M&A advisory services and private equity investments. They strive to grow and cultivate value for clients and portfolio companies through the combined legacy and vast experience of their team.

Lipis Advisors is a leading payments consultancy, specialising in comparative system and service analysis.

Lipid Advisors offer guidance on all forms of payment, from consumer to corporate, for both retail and wholesale markets. Strategy consulting on payments is their core practice, and they cover all players – banks, payment processors, payment institutions, and the software and hardware community that serve them.

Microsoft is a world-leading organisation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and services.

As a Silver Certified Microsoft Partner, IQbusiness is available worldwide to help companies of all sizes and industries select and implement the right business technology, and provides support through future business change.

BWise is the global leader in GRC management software, with a strong heritage in business process management.

IQbusiness has partnered with BWise to provide key clients with a fully integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tool. BWise is the global leader in GRC management software, with a strong heritage in business process management. Established in 1994, BWise delivers proven solutions to help organisations better control their operations. They do this by increasing corporate accountability, strengthening financial, strategic and operational efficiencies, and maximising performance and ROI.

SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transfo‌rm data into intelligence.

As a SAS silver partner, IQbusiness leverages the SAS market-leading analytics platform to turn data into insights giving our customers the power to act. The combination of IQbusiness expertise and delivery and SAS technology ensures optimal business value is achieved whether you primary objective is to drive business growth or to ensure regulatory compliance and accuracy in financial reporting. IQbusiness is also a strategic IFRS17 partner of SAS.

The Hackett Group, Inc. is a global strategic business advisory and operations improvement consulting firm.

IQbusiness has a strategic alliance with NASDAQ-listed The Hackett Group. The organisation is a leader in best practice advisory, business benchmarking, and transformation consulting services, including strategy and operations, working capital management, and globalisation advice. This alliance utilises the IQbusiness presence to provide Hackett’s industry-leading methodologies and intellectual property in Sub-Saharan Africa.

VersionOne is recognised by Agile practitioners as the leader in Agile project management tools.

By simplifying the planning and tracking of Agile projects, VersionOne help teams deliver better software, faster. Since 2002, companies such as Adobe, Boeing, bwin, Intuit, Lilly, Lockheed Martin, McKesson, Oppenheimer, Qualcomm, Sabre, and Siemens have turned to the organisation for support. Today, more than 30,000 teams from over 170 countries use VersionOne’s Agile Made Easier.

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