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IQbusiness Graduate | Class of 2021

What made the IQbusiness Grad Programme different?

It was so intense. I have never been so challenged and stimulated simultaneously. It didn’t feel like one of those things you had to just get through – you were forced to be an active participant in your own career trajectory.

After graduating, why did you decide to stay at IQbusiness?

I’ve stayed with IQbusiness because of the multitude of learning opportunities it has availed to me. I’ve done communications, change management, I’ve learned how to facilitate in corporate settings – it is endless. There’s always something new to learn.

Can you share an experience at IQbusiness that demonstrates on of our values?

Recognising performance has always been something that I’ve seen in my colleagues. If you are doing well, people will tell you, and they will tell other IQers that you are doing a good job too. It is nice to know your efforts are being recognised, more so, that it is not once-off. It really teaches you to give people kudos and encourages you to do better.

What IQbusiness hack did someone share with you?

The Nespresso’s are in Q3.