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A competitive advantage begins with organisational change. Stimulate your company growth with our business offerings.


Agile is often described as a methodology. We prefer to call it a way of working.

All organisations are in a continuous cycle of change to respond to customer needs. The speed at which they respond has become a leading indicator of success. For individuals, teams, and organisations who want to optimise the delivery of value on projects and programmes, IQbusiness is a catalyst for change through our Agile consulting, contracting, and research offerings.

We are the largest Agile consulting team in the country, with many years of practical experience in both traditional and Agile ways of working. Our evolutionary method uses an Agile approach to mobilise the workforce by assessing the environment and teams, providing targeted training, and embedding principles and practices through coaching. There is also a strong focus on people change management, and as with all transformations, understanding the impact on the individual is fundamental to the success of this endeavour.




We solve today's problems with tomorrow's tools. 

Technology is already in a space none of us could ever have imagined just a few years ago, yet it continues to evolve at a rapid rate. At IQbusiness, we’re mindful of ongoing innovations and trends, from which we draw insights to implement contemporary solutions and help organisations overcome their business challenges. We solve today’s problems, with tomorrow’s tools.

IT Consulting and Systems Integration

Our technology advisory services will help identify the right blend of technology solutions, architecture and platforms to support your business vision. Our system integration specialists will partner with you and help you navigate through the complexities governing technology change within your business - from planning through to deployment.

Software Engineering 

Software has been a part of standard company practice for decades now. There is always room for improvement and our software development team can help you find it. They work on the following platforms:

Development, Maintenance and Support

Insure your software through maintenance and support agreements guaranteeing minimal disruption to your line of business systems and ensure access to professional support services.


Powering the insights-driven business

At IQbusiness, we help enable the data-driven organisation by creating well-managed data assets delivered over solid architectural platforms, that allow businesses to obtain actionable insights and better enable real time decision-making.

Data Management and Integration

The integrated processing demanded by today’s organisations requires an approach that ensures consistency across systems and processes. IQbusiness has experience in multiple forms of data integration, which, when underpinned by a consistent architecture, can help to achieve these objectives. Our service offering covers design through to implementation.

Data Migrations

Most system implementations require historical data be converted from legacy systems in order to:

  • Comply to legislative data retention requirements
  • Minimise impact on customer experience
Data Governance

The IQbusiness Data Governance tool is agnostic, focusing instead on implementing an organisational design that identifies stakeholders across Business and IT, and sets clear roles and responsibilities for identifying, prioritising and resolving data quality concerns on an ongoing basis.

The combination of this framework and the underlying Data Architecture methodology ensures that the correct stakeholders are involved in each step of the decision-making process, which leads to more efficient utilisation of specialist data governance and data management skill set.

Data Architecture

IQbusiness follows an approach to data architecture that leverages principles of the data management body of knowledge, combined with practical, on-the-ground learnings from multiple clients across various industries. This approach forms the foundation of all our data management projects to ensure overall alignment.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • End to end architectural design, paired with the skills to implement it
  • Team augmentation: BI Architects, Solution Architects and Data Architects

Skills that cater for end-to-end BI solutions across a number of technologies including Business Intelligence Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Report Writers, Dimensional Data Modelers and ETL developers.



Our analytical capabilities and experience include:

  • Credit Analytics
  • Capital Modeling
  • Credit Scorecard Development
  • Dashboard and balanced scorecard development
  • Stress Testing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Fraud Analytics
Predictive Modelling

Combining our skills and tools we can assist in:

  • Scenario Analysis
  • Pricing Models and Deal Advisory
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Forecasting Models
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Client Behavioral Modelling
  • Cost vs Benefit Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Regression Analysis


The optimal configuration of core capabilities is essential in delivering the organisation's strategy. Optimise and design with us today. 

People, technology, and information are all vital components of every business. A Target Operating Model will help you align them to your organisation's strategic objectives. 

Reasons to consider formalising, optimising or re-designing your organisation's operating model include:

  • Expanding a pre-existing / new product or service line
  • Geographic expansion
  • Enabling innovation 
  • Pursuing operational excellence
  • Restructuring of a group or division (up-scaling or down-scaling) 
  • Merger or acquisition 
  • Capability expansion (in response to regulatory requirements) 

Redefining any component in isolation without considering the potential impact on other operations can be detrimental to an organisation's wellbeing. Effective strategy enablement is only possible when all business pieces and the people, process, technology, and governance structures that support them are configured in a way that aligns to business strategy. 

Unlike internally resourced initiatives that rely on limited functional expertise and experience, or expensive and rigid operating model design philosophies, our collaborative approach delivers a bespoke operating model that is designed through integrating your enterprise's unique needs into the design process. 

Customer Centricity and Agile delivery are central to our way of thinking. This philosophy allows the IQbusiness team to deliver an operating model that is designed around successful customer outcomes, and that delivers value early and often, while minimising risks of failure. 


Entrench your organisation’s future tomorrow by operating sustainably today.

Sustainability is about businesses taking responsibility for their footprint. There is a need for business to do more than talk about shared value – but to actively work towards shared growth for their company, communities, and the broader environment in which they operate. Without shared growth there can be no future employees, future customers, future markets or future economies in which to operate.

Sustainability is about:

  • Being efficient (planning and constantly evolving)
  • Doing the right thing (aspiring to create social change)
  • Creating shared value (understanding that profit must have a purpose)
  • Getting everybody involved (engaging all stakeholders)
  • Creating dynamic teams (creating an agile learning culture with empowered practitioners)

We help our clients gain knowledge and insights to design, implement and measure for impact for both the companies and the communities they serve. By doing this, we support a culture of accountability for social spend across business, government and NGO sectors.


Helping you navigate uncertainty and the complex world of risk, regulations and compliance.

Good controls, risk management and compliance are non-negotiable for businesses today. 

Navigating the complex world of global and local regulatory and compliance changes can be overwhelming and derail risk management efforts. 

Ensure that your organisation is resilient, able to cope with uncertainty and meets the necessary requirements imposed by regulatory and industry bodies.

In the face of increasing volatility, uncertainty and complexity, businesses are challenged to orientate their business and teams to make good decisions quickly. 

What business challenges are you facing that put your business at risk of survival? 

We assist our clients with: 

  • Strategy and Target Operating Model
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
    • Methodology frameworks
    • Policy development
    • Process development
    • Models and calculators
  • Financial instruments: IFRS 9 and 17 compliance and Implementation
  • Compliance, Risk and Governance function gap assessment and effectiveness reviews
  • Regulatory Change Management
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Digital/Technology/Cyber Risk Management and Compliance
  • Board reporting and dashboard communication to Committees
  • Impact and Risk Assessments
  • Project capacity
    • Compliance
    • Risk Assessment
    • Assurance


Business growth hinges on a successful payment system. Implement one that won’t let you down.   

Whether you’re looking to integrate cards and new payment types into your operations, or simply change your existing system, it’s worth having a skilled consultant that can assist every step of the way. With nearly two decades of experience in transaction-related change projects across 16 countries in Africa, and an extensive knowledge of the financial services sector, IQbusiness is the perfect partner for the job.

Our implementations, including ensuring that your teams are suitably knowledgeable, will result in positive and sustainable business outcomes. Our successful track record spans:

  • Wholesale and retail payments 
  • All payment streams and instruments 
  • All channels 

We have complementary offerings, methods, and frameworks that assist you in designing and implementing card and payment change projects in your organisation. We can:

  • Conduct primary and secondary research
  • Conduct market and competitive analyses
  • Develop payment products 
  • Implement regulatory and compliance requirements 
  • Provide payments education and training 
  • Develop customised change management and training 
  • Select and implement technology 
  • Improve operational productivity  

Take advantage of our Card Academy training product.




Stay connected. Evolve digitally.


Technology is constantly changing people’s lives, and, in turn, the service they expect from businesses. Digital is the platform where the two meet.

Technology gives organisations new and better ways to engage with their customers. Growing in a digital world means growing connections to people in existing channels, as well as exploring the many exciting new digital networks that are already finding innovative ways to enrich our lives. These connections are experiences that must be deliberately designed to be relevant, meaningful and impactful.

And if you are to increase your relevance and maintain your growth ambitions in a digital world, you need to be fantastic at crafting these experiences. You also need to be prepared to continually test and change your connections based on real-world feedback. All this requires creative, business, and technological acumen, which is exactly what we can offer.

Whether you’re embarking on a strategic digital journey, or simply wish to improve the success of your digital initiatives, the IQbusiness Digital team has the skill and passion to help you stay connected in this ever-evolving world. Click on any of the solutions below to find out more.

Digital Business Strategy

IQbusiness can help your organisation make better decisions about how and when to undertake strategic or tactical initiatives to transform your business digitally – and whether you should even consider undergoing such processes in the first place.


Digital maturity assessments (including Customer Centricity, Innovation, Culture and Agile Fluency) are used to help identify particular areas in need of innovation. By tapping into the vast amounts of operational and customer data that your organisation collects, our Digital team can help you glean the insights you need in order to make better decisions about the myriad of digital trends affecting your business and its clients.




Digital Concept Discovery Sprints

Digital Concept Discovery Sprints are facilitated workshops powered by design- thinking, and are structured to help organisations identify their needs, validate problems, test ideas, and clarify the viability of development and change projects.


The IQbusiness Digital team can help you define business cases, design solutions, and develop pitch decks and high-level prototypes in as little as one to two weeks.




Digital Product and Service Design

IQbusiness can deploy Lean Product Management, UX Designers, Visual and UI Designers, Solution Designers, and Prototype Developers to work with your organisation. Alternately, we can offer the services and capabilities of a cross- functional team that can carry out Concept Design or MVP Development.

Concept/Proposition Design, Prototyping and Testing

In as little as four to six weeks, our Digital team can help you build working software prototypes, followed by pilots with real users to gain key insights and feedback. This ensures the shortest route to resolution, whether you want to enhance internal or external systems or processes, or introduce new capability for your customers, employees, or other users in your extended supply chain.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

Helping clients kickstart larger development initiatives is a key skill in our Digital team. We assist organisations in prioritising high-value, low-complexity quick wins, and begin the development process in record time. The latter is particularly important, because having a fast start is often the difference between success and failure in software development initiatives. Thus, we target frequent releases from the very beginning, to ensure that projects yield results early and continuously.

Digital Marketing and Activation Initiatives

Once the right decisions, designs, and development approaches have been integrated into a successful build, it makes sense to consider all the data and learnings gained from the entire process. With these insights, the IQbusiness Digital team can then help you plan and drive the successful launch and growth of initiatives in the markets that you desire, either as a follow-on from Pilots and Proof- of-Concepts, or as entirely new digital marketing initiatives. We can also help you craft success metrics to measure effectiveness and connect you to the appropriate social media channels to monitor the results.





Generating fresh insights for a competitive advantage.

From the ideas and experiences of your employees, through to the methodologies and business processes - these all form part of a company’s knowledge capital. By understanding how to collect and strategically connect the all this information within your organisation, you can use these seemingly undervalued assets to gain valuable insights and drive growth.

Discovery assessment

IQbusiness helps companies get the most out of what they know. Through our unique discovery framework, we start with your strategic intent in mind, and map out the knowledge assets required to support your vision. We then analyse the current state of the connections between your knowledge assets.

Based on the outcomes of this assessment, we will work with you to design, implement, and activate the following activities within your business:

  • Knowledge worker behaviour
  • Information management discipline
  • Content management strategy


Driving a knowledge sharing culture.

The key to creating a knowledge sharing culture is to encourage employees to work more collaboratively. This is enabled through the design, implementation, and governance in these areas:

    • Knowledge management strategy
    • Adoption management (core programme)
    • Knowledge worker culture and behaviour
    • Knowledge transfer skills
    • Collaboration skills

Information management

Information management takes into account all aspects of the organisation’s activities: from how they acquire the right kind of information from multiple sources, through to identifying the custodians of this information, as well as who needs to access the information in order to boost productivity and enable better decision-making. Our services include:

  • Taxonomy
  • Document management
  • End-to-end paper and digital records management

Content management

This set of processes and technologies are enablers to support the collection and distribution of the company’s knowledge assets, which include:

  • Portal and CMS technologies (Microsoft SharePoint and M-Files, for example)
  • Fileshare audits



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