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IQbusiness Graduate | Class of 2021

What made the IQbusiness Graduate Programme unique?

I was given the luxury to start on a clean slate. I felt like they thought I was a talent they could give guidance to, give me room to grow and grace to make mistakes to learn from… from the very beginning. They afforded us the opportunity, resources, guidance, support and environment to learn and discover our own career paths. On top of that, they gave us the flexibility to not be bound by the career paths defined by the qualifications we obtained in Varsity. This freedom gave me the confidence to learn as much as I can and made me see IQbusiness as the ideal place to discover my true potential as a creative and young person in corporate.

What’s an IQbusiness hack that someone has shared with you?

If you have an idea or concern, you have the freedom to reach out. The management is unusually approachable and open to IQers, irrespective of their experience or lack of (in my case). This hack allowed me to reach out to people higher up in the “hierarchy” who were always available to give me opportunities and guidance. In fact, even saying hierarchy feels weird because it never felt like that. It always feels like a flat structure where you are free to connect and collaborate with any other IQer, no matter their title or position.

Tell us a joke that only someone in your industry would understand.

The most offensive thing you can say to a UX designer is not “pixel pusher”, it’s “waterfall”.

Share your favourite quote with us.

It always seems impossible, until it’s done – Nelly M