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We develop and build customised applications for our clients by using various device platforms. Our application development solutions make it easy to quickly build clickable prototypes and ready-to-deploy mobile apps for any device.



A lean, iterative and low-cost solution


Client Challenge

A retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom, which operates a nationwide network of 550 branches across England, Scotland and Wales wanted to improve the speed of their mortgage application process for their customers, while enabling third party brokers to more effectively manage their document submissions.


Strategy and Solution

In partnership with our UK FinTech partner (Aicura Solutions), we ran a two-week discovery sprint and then 3 two-week sprints of development to iterate through the various releases of the solution. In only 8 weeks we designed, developed, refined and deployed a multi-channel scanning solution (web, phone and tablet enabled) that cost far less than more traditional solutions.


The client achieved their first ever four-hour turnaround on a mortgage application. They now receive a larger percentage of mortgage applications per broker than before, indicating an increase in their share of business per brokerage.


Digitalisation of medical scheme customer engagement and self-service journeys


Client Challenge

A Medium sized, closed medical scheme were looking for a smartphone-enabled solution to better service a large segment of their audience (customers and stakeholders) and drive better engagement.


Strategy and Solution

By analysing their customer base, we were able to accurately determine which customer segments could be converted to become mobile App users and increase the App uptake rate. Reviewing and analysing the call centre statistics and their most frequently asked questions, allowed us to tailor the App features to optimise the user experience and improve customer satisfaction.


Through the App, medical scheme policy holders are able to maintain their policy details, submit claims by uploading an image of the doctor/service provider invoices, apply for hospital admission, chronic conditions and medication, make emergency calls with data and locational detail sharing and find the nearest services providers in their area. The App also acts as an electronic health record and has a digital membership card that can be shared securely, to reduce fraud. Loyalty programme integration has also been catered for. The Medical Scheme and third party administrator reported higher service levels and back office administration cost savings. Improved market perception and customer satisfaction

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