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The ever-evolving needs of always-on, tech savvy customers operating in an omnichannel environment, has retailers on high alert. Looking for the next big thing to engage and delight your customers, at the expense of getting the basics right and loosing focus of your customers, can prove to be a costly mistake.

With a wealth of ‘been there done that’ retail and supply chain experience, our knowledgeable retail team can meet you where you are in your journey and support you in growing your business commercially and sustainably. We understand what it means to get the bottom line right and operate profitably without jeopardising any aspects of your business. Our clients are retailers from multiple industries including telecoms, apparel, footwear and homeware, banking and insurance.


Great retail businesses are built on a strong foundation of excellent customer service and flexible business agility, we will help you get your retail house in order. The IQbusiness retail team helps you understand what is happening day-to-day in your business and supports you in making commercial decisions and acting on them pragmatically. We have a unique set of offerings to get your retail business basics back on track.

Retail Consulting

Our team of retail consultants have extensive experience in creating and implementing value-driven strategies that are grounded in reality. Our practical solutions integrate seamlessly across platforms to ultimately improve and enhance your customer’s experience. Our subject matter experts in buying, planning, operations, sourcing, supply chain management, marketing, payments and customer experience management guide you to a strategy that best suits your situation.


Skilled retail staff who are able to hit the ground running are in short supply. Our experienced retailers are able to augment your retail team with their merchandising, financial, operational and strategic skills.

Retail School

Upskill and grow yourself, your team, and your organisation towards being more commercial, pragmatic and customer-centric. Whether you decide to attend one of our many seminars or have us conduct in-house training, every module we offer is created to educate and inspire.

The IQbusiness Retail School provides buyers, planners and operators with the critical retail knowledge and accelerated learning they require to develop commercial acumen and generate actionable insights that can be implemented straight away. Using a combination of classroom training and on the job coaching, our courses seek to minimise time out of the office and get your staff useful from the start. We can craft dynamic solutions around your training needs utilising the most appropriate tools in our repertoire. From graduates through to experienced retail professionals, our tailored training programmes are designed to grow your teams’ technical expertise.

We offer W&R Seta accredited learnerships in the Fundamentals of Buying and Planning (NQF5) and Wholesale and Retail Operations (NQF3) as well as customised solutions based on your needs.




Being able to analyse past, and predict future buyer behaviour within an omnichannel environment is only the first step to providing a hyper-personalised customer experience. This data needs to be made available across the business in order to drive intelligent outcomes. With a single view of your customer at the centre, we will help you become an analytics-led business able to proactively engage with your customers and address their needs timeously.

We can offer:

  • Analytics transformation strategy
  • Culture change and operating model
  • Analytics and BI software tool implementation and support


We support our client’s journey in enabling business growth and optimising cost in today’s volatile market by empowering and growing an effective end-to-end supply chain that allows the right product, at a price that your customer loves and can find, when they want it and in the quantities they need.

Your business depends on what it can deliver. Getting every step of the process right, from raw materials to the shopping environment thoroughly vetted and optimised, is how you ensure you’re not held back by unforeseen bottlenecks and losses.

We can offer:

  • The realisation of value through proactive working capital and cash flow management
  • The development of customer centric supply chain control towers
  • Optimisation of supply chain costs
  • Greater and more efficient inventory management
  • Integrated supply chain planning


It’s not enough to create the perfect product or even to make your customers love your product. Your employees need to feel the brand love too. We can help you craft the right strategy to turn your offering into something that your people can connect with, allowing them to become your best brand ambassadors.

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