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IQbusiness has partnered with the Social Progress Imperative to develop a South African provincial Social Progress Index (SPI) to assist leaders in deciding where to invest for inclusive growth. The SPI uses a selection of components to determine whether or not the people of each province have seen an actual improvement o‌n social and environmental measures as a result of economic growth.

The 2019 SPI found that Gauteng and the Western Cape have the highest level of social progress, although their scores are reduced by crime. The Northern Cape has the greatest room for improvement, with particularly low scores in healthcare and wellness. Decision-makers can use these measures to determine where to invest to make the greatest positive impact o‌n residents’ lives.




We aim to grow people, business and Africa by helping to solve the social, economic and environmental issues facing our nation and the continent. We are committed to be a catalyst to drive conversations that will result in greater shared prosperty for all.

Over the years, IQbusiness has established itself as a successful and responsible corporate citizen committed to the responsibility of business in driving South Africa's economic growth. This can only be done through a bona fide collaboration between business and government, which includes calling out government on its failings when necessary.

In the spirit of leading by example, IQbusiness has identified five critical, yet simple initiatives that advance our role in supporting inclusive growth. We share these in the hope that others will undertake similar changes in business and government to create exponential strategic value and give practical substance to the theme of Inclusive

1. Efficient, Effective and Agile Government: We have previously suggested that the NDP be run under Agile principles. We appreciate that this is a bold and untested offer. That’s why we will offer Government access to our Agility capability – by making available two places in every course of our Agile training for the next twelve months, for government employees directly involved in executing the NDP.
2. Education: We will not only improve our in-house training programmes to expand opportunities for candidates to learn within their new work environment, but we will also undertake to expand our support for Partners for Possibility in FY18. And we will challenge other SA corporates to follow suit.
3. Enterprise Development: In the interests of transparency, IQbusiness will publish the full details of all ESD partners on our website, and we will encourage other South African corporates to do the same.
4. State-Owner Enterprises: IQbusiness will lead the campaign to compel SOEs to outsource their internal audits.
5. Financial inclusion: We will actively seek to responsibly procure relevant goods and services from the informal sector, and will challenge other businesses to do the same.


Produced for the third consecutive year, the 2017 IQbusiness research study, Inclusive draws practical and sustainable conclusions on what inclusive growth can and should mean for ethical corporate citizens in their interactions with government, labour and one another.

These finding are presented on the foundations laid over the last two years under the banners of Activate Growth (2015) and Smart Growth (2016).

In 2017, IQbusiness turned the focus on to how business can unlock the potential of inclusive growth; a pivotal opportunity to combine a profit motive with that of ensuring social impact.

More Report 2018

South Africa urgently needs change. As we head into the final quarter of 2018 it is clear that new political leadership, in the fo‌rm of Cyril Ramaphosa, has far to go to restore much needed business and investor confidence in our economy.


Inclusive Report 2017: A business perspective on driving shared prosperity in South Africa.

This 2017 research study draws practical and sustainable conclusions on what inclusive growth can and should mean for ethical corporate citizens in their interactions with government, labour and one another.


Smart Report 2016: What we need in the face of 0% GDP.

In 2016, South Africa's economy is still a cause for concern with growth at 0% and the outlook does not look good. To kickstart growth and tackle unemployment, an IQbusiness research study uncovers five specific sets of actions to unlock smart growth.


Activate Report 2015

In 2015, IQbusiness, through surveying 137 SMMEs, found that despite prevailing negative economic and political conditions in South Africa, a large portion of businesses polled felt they could – and should – be growing the economy.



As part of our commitment to driving growth, IQbusiness hosts an annual Growth Conference, featuring a line-up of the exceptional thought leaders to tackle the business, political and social issues of the day. Take a look at last years' highlights here.



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