• Process Innovation

  • Process Modelling Introduction

    From R4,500.00
  • Rapid Process Improvement

    From R12,600.00
  • Target Value, Create Your Process Agenda

    From R6,300.00
  • The Process of Process Management

  • Value-Driven Process Repository Design

    From R4,500.00
  • Design Thinking

  • Creative Thinking Short Course

    From R2,250.00
  • Design Thinking Boot Camp

    The 3 day course features a dynamic Design Thinking process with specialist supporting techniques to address ‘wicked’ problems. It integrates the content covered in the Design Thinking, Jobs-to-be-done, and Ideation masterclasses.
    From R11,550.00
  • Design Thinking for Business Analysis

    1 day
    From R3,850.00
  • Design Thinking Master Class

    From R3,850.00
  • Ideation Master Class

    From R3,850.00