Agile and Kanban Fundamentals

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This course provides you with an overview of the Agile
Manifesto values and principles, an overview of Scrum ceremonies and roles and principles and practices of Kanban and how they can be practically applied within your teams and organisations. 


Who Should Attend?

  • Business Analysts
  • Technical Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Programmers / Software developers
  • Development Managers
  • Product Managers / Product Owners
  • Product Analysts
  • Testers / Test Analysts
  • Solution designers / architects
  • Leaders
  • Management
  • Anyone looking at a more effective way of managing their work

What you will learn

  • An overview of the Agile approach to projects including values, principles and demystifying the myths
  • An overview of the Scrum Framework focusing on roles, ceremonies and artefacts
  • Principles and practices of Kanban, and how they can be applied
  • The importance of limiting work in progress (WIP) and how to set proper WIP Limits
  • Tools and techniques on how to effectively visualise work
  • Understand the classes of service and how to manage risk
  • Demonstration how Kanban improves quality and predictability of deliverables
  • Provide an overview of how to set up an initial Kanban board