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The IQbusiness Retail School provides buyers, planners and operators with the critical retail knowledge and accelerated learning they require to develop commercial acumen and hit the ground running.

Our experienced retail professionals adapt our content to your specific business environment. We coach and mentor you along the journey, quickly enabling you to generate actionable insights to implement in your business right away. We harness your potential and enthusiasm to accelerate yourproductivity and skills development.


The FBP Bootcamp is a high level programme that gathers the best and most relevant elements of the IQbusiness Retail School NQF5 Qualification in the Fundamentals of Buying and Planning, and packages it neatly into 2 or 4 days of intense learning and interaction. The course is designed and delivered by experienced retailers who can impart their knowledge and learning to you through their personal retail stories.

Who Should Attend?

  • Buyers and planners who need a refresher on the fundamentals needed in order to be commercial and pragmatic individuals or who cannot commit to a full year’s programme. (4 day Bootcamp)
  • Operations managers, store managers, support staff (e.g. marketing and IT) (2 day Bootcamp)
  • Executives who need a refresher on the fundamentals of commercial and pragmatic, buying and planning. (2 Day Bootcamp)

What you will learn

  • How to respond commercially to merchandise performance
  • How to build a balanced and commercially relevant product range
  • Effective supplier sourcing and negotiation
  • Supply chain management and allocation of the best assortment to stores