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The world renowned management thinker Peter Drucker concluded that “A company only has two functions –innovation and marketing. The source of great innovations stems from unmet functional and emotional needs customers and users contend with.  

Learn how to apply an innovation methodology known as Jobs-to-be-Done to uncover and articulate unmet needs. These will focus innovation efforts on the right opportunities to exploit and wicked problems to solve.


  • Learning practical creative thinking techniques to help with more creative ideas.
  • Applying the techniques using real-world problems.
  • How to prepare for ideation workshops.
  • Combining individual and collective idea generation in a structured manner
  • Leaning techniques for each step in the ideation process

What you will learn


  • Jobs-to-be-Done Theory.
  • Outcome-Driven Innovation process.
  • The innovator’s DNA.
  • Customer centricity. Organising ourselves around customer jobs.

 Key techniques

  • Observations / Shadowing
  • Customer and User interviews


  • Job-map
  • Timeline
  • Job statements
  • Desired outcome statements
  • Progress making forces
  • Opportunity Map


  • Various exercises to practice application of tools and techniques throughout the face-to-face interaction

Who Should Attend?


  • Anyone who is responsible for business growth, product development,and design changes.
  • Customer experience specialists.
  • Research and Development teams.
  • Product development teams.
  • Design and Marketing teams .