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Coming up with ideas for a new innovation is the first step to launching that game changing new product or service.

In this half-day course you will learn creative/lateral thinking techniques that will help you develop more creative and unique ideas in a very interactive day.

Who Should Attend?

•Anyone that needs to come up with creative ideas in their work
•Project teams
•Process and Business analysts
•Innovation teams
•Product owners


•Understanding the role of creativity in innovation.
•Clarifying common misconceptions about creativity and innovation.
•Learning practical creative thinking techniques to help with more creative ideas.
•Applying the techniques using real-world problems.
•Tips and techniques on how to ‘sell’ your idea to others.
•Tips on how to boost your own creativity.

What you will learn


•What is creativity and innovation?
•Convergent and divergent thinking.
•Creativity theory, myths and perceptions.
•The innovation ecosystem.

Key techniques

•Four creative thinking techniques for different innovation styles and situations.
•How to sell ideas.
•How to boost creative thinking.


•Three creative studies.
•Creativity exercises.
•Various exercises and case studies to practice techniques.