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Static business models cannot keep pace with today’s dynamic business environment. Organisations must be responsive to change by adapting to emerging opportunities and unexpected threats; efficiency will, however, remain critical to sustainable success. There is therefore a critical need for a management discipline which fits this volatile environment.

The Process of Process Management will empower you to respond to shifts in the business climate in an agile manner, whilst maintaining alignment with the overall company strategy ensuring the delivery of long term results. Explore the functions and processes which constitute the ideal BPM discipline.

What you will learn

  • Understand the process of process management and its value
  • Develop and apply a process strategy
  • Setup an appropriate enterprise architecture to support the PoPM
  • Develop suitable process & data governance
  • Define process management enabled improvement approaches & projects
  • Enable the development of a process culture

Who Should Attend?

Executives looking to build a sustainable BPM discipline centered around a proven structure.