Digital Design Solutions


Create digital experiences that matter


The digital revolution is here. it is customer focused and is not only changing how organisations operate but how we work, too. 

Let us shape your digital success by helping you discover, prioritise and solve the barriers you face in crafting frictionless digital experiences for people engaging your digital channels.


With customer experience as our north star, we help you Establish, Lead and Execute great design.


DesignOps to help you gear up for scale. Whether in selecting the right design system, optimising it, or establishing standards and practices that apply to your business reality.

Training. We provide our own UX Bootcamp, Agility Training, Product Owner Training, CX – CEM Training as well as Design Thinking and Innovation training. We can tailor these for you, or help you connect your designers to dynamic partner content such as Invision learn among others.

Optimise onboarding processes, to ensure that scaling your design team doesn’t imply slowing down before you accelerate.



Our Creative Business Technologists can play various leadership roles in your teams. This includes Design Lead, Technology Lead or Product Owner roles among others.

We facilitate design thinking workshops to co-create digital and design strategies for your initiatives.

We lead innovation hackathons or challenges to discover problems worth solving across your business, and co-create solutions in collaboration with our IQbusiness CX, Innovation and Software Engineering teams, as well as our innovation partners (Be-novative).



CX, Market and User Research to unpack customer and user needs, understand and adapt winning design strategies.

Our Data and Analytics experts integrate online and in-house data sets to better understand customer needs.

Digital Consultants blend these insights, facilitating Concept Discovery Sprints to validate problems, and test the desirability, feasibility and viability of ideas that emerge.


IQbusiness has over 150 Creative Business Technologists, armed with global best practice and expertise from our various partners, as well as local perspective.

This means that we can assist no matter what design capability you need: 

Point Expertise in User Testing, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, or prototyping, as well as CX Designers, Service Designers, UX Designers, UI Designers, Multimedia specialists, or copywriters.

Cross-Discipline Designers: Product Designers, Delivery Leads, Design Leads, Solution Architects and various related Subject Matter Expertise.



Digital Marketing to drive advocacy and commercialisation of your initiatives

Work with our Digital Marketing team who can successfully launch, activate and measure the success of your digital initiatives. 

We turn real-time usage and data-led customer intelligence into better experiments and pivot to hit the sweet spot that your users and customers demand.



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