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We help enable the data-driven organisation by creating well-managed data assets delivered over solid architectural platforms, that allow businesses to obtain actionable insights and better enable real time decision-making.


Core competencies include:

• Data management and integration

• Data migrations

• Data governance

• Data architecture

• BI and Data warehousing

• Analytics

• Predictive modelling



Client Challenge

The housing finance division of FinMark Trust rely heavily on market intelligence—data, market analytics and research—to stimulate investor interest and to support better policy. The client looked to IQbusiness to help them consolidate the various data sources to enable better decision making.


Strategy and Solution

IQbusiness was engaged to design a flexible data integration platform to adapt to the changing requirements and could be easily maintained and evolved by the client’s team. A flexible dash boarding and analytics solution was also required to allow for detailed analysis of the data that had been provided. A Microsoft backend solution combined with a tableau front end for visualisation and analytics. Design principles ensured metric calculation was distributed across this architecture ensuring accuracy without compromising flexibility. Data cleansing was built into data feeds resulting in an enriched data set that could provide for accurate results. kills were easily available to allow the client to be self-sufficient in applying improvements based on evolving requirements and data sources.


Client Challenge

A tier 1 global bank serving multiple customer segments across the South African and African market wanted to initiate a customer rewards programme for current and potential customers in order to, attract and retain customers, encourage customers to adopt a holistic view to financial wellness and to grow the overall portfolio of retail credit while improving portfolio quality and to be able to offer customers appropriate targeted rewards and products based on encouraging sound financial fitness decisions.


Strategy and Solution

A three phased approach was taken on this project. We sought to understand the current economic climate and trends in the marketplace, then collated the existing data and external data into a feasible data mart – with a view to calculating a central score. Lastly, we met with stakeholders to ensure the validity of the concept and incremental refinements to the model. Our client is now able to receive a central client score that addressed a client’s “financial fitness”; be able to cross-sell the correct and most appropriate product more effectively and to understand the reasons and rationale for client behavior.


Client Challenge

The Africa Data Division of a Tier 1 local bank approached IQbusiness to assist with understanding how to create consistent information across in country and head office needs. The intent was to allow this data to assist in defining strategy by using derived insights within and across countries.


Strategy and Solution

Site visits were conducted to a selected set of countries where interviews were conducted with stakeholders across the value chain form IT and business. A recommended way forward was presented to the client based on prioritising the needs, environmental constraints and maximising leverage of inflight programs. Capacity based teaming model was used to deploy resource capacity for executing on recommendations.


A Data provisioning platform in the process of being rolled out across all Africa countries. Executive dashboards provide valuable insights into the strategy process while ongoing enrichment of underlying data is in progress. Compliance requirements for “Go-AML” delivery accelerated and a pivot point of highly skilled resources used to assist in positioning operating model improvements to further accelerate delivery.

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