Many organisations have assured employees that remote work will continue until further notice. Others have decided to allow many employees to continue to work remotely indefinitely, o‌nly going into the office when required. Read more
Shaneel Bachoo, our Research Specialist sat with Radio Islam International host Zaheer Bassa to unpack the Youth Index Progress. Listen to find out how the outcomes of the state of Youth in South Africa. Read more
Traditional approaches to budgeting are often criticised because it makes commitments too early, when the cone of uncertainty is at its highest, and focuses o‌n optimising for full resource utilisation versus the delivery of value. Read more
In this section of production, 85% of the employees are under the age of 35, of whom 63.8% are women and 94% are black. Read more
On the 23rd April 2020 the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced new lockdown rules which would see the economy be opened in a “gradual and risk adjusted” manner guided by five alert levels Read more
Covid-19 Update