Management 3.0 Foundations online Workshop

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On completion of this course: • Understand the need for a new way to manage and lead people. • Apply principles and practices to increase employee engagement and improve results. • Apply guidelines to deal with complexity in a rapidly changing world.


A highly interactive online workshop filled with a collection of concrete practices, to inspire team members and managers to transform their teams and organisations to be more innovative and highly productive.

Over the four sessions, participants will experience theory and practice in small chunks, reflect on inspiring stories, work through collaborative exercises and focused discussions. The goal of the workshop is to inspire participants and provide them with tools they can use on their first day back at work to improve their teams and organisation.


What you will learn

Agile Management is the generic term for leadership and governance of creative teams in a way that is consistent with lean-agile thinking. You will be introduced to common challenges and methods of agile management in transformations around the world, and the necessity of proper management in an agile organisation.

Complexity Thinking lays the foundation for the Management 3.0 themes that follow. It explains why traditional linear thinking is not appropriate in today’s world and why thinking in complex adaptive systems is a better fit.

Energise People explores the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the ten intrinsic desires and techniques to explore what is important to people in your teams.

Empower Teams illustrates stories on self-organisation and how leaders can create the conditions for successful, self-organised teams. You will learn how to facilitate empowerment, foster autonomy, distribute authority and decision-making effectively and grow relationships based on trust. Concrete practices discussed include delegation poker and delegation boards.

Develop Competence explains how and when to apply the five building blocks of competence development to grow high performing teams. You will learn the fundamentals of measuring competence in complex adaptive environments, as well as team design and talent planning best practices. Grow Structure illustrates how organisational structures can be catalysts or barriers to growth. This session helps leaders to develop the best organisational structure to facilitate communication and to find the best mix of teams between specialisation and generalisation.

Change Management gives valuable suggestions on how we can drive continuous improvement of the organisation as a change agent. Four facets of change management are illustrated and practised to help the participants become change agents in a complex environment.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders, managers, directors, CIOs, VPs, project managers, product owners, human resources managers, team leaders, development managers, delivery managers, middle managers, scrum masters and agile team members. Anyone who wants to be a better leader! We believe that management is not only the managers’ responsibility. It is everyone’s job!