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Design and implementation of a Data Integration Platform for AML monitoring for 17 Africa Countries

The Compliance division of a tier 1 South African Bank required an implementation of a Group Wide AML solution. IQbusiness was contracted to handle the Data Provisioning stream of this project.

How we helped their business grow:

  • Designed and implemented an ODS to use for data integration utilising existing patterns for data sourcing across the African continent.
  • Developed using Microsoft SQL Server database and SSIS integration tool.
  • Mapped required data from existing source files and implemented best fit data mapping to address data gaps and quality issues.
  • Implemented operational monitoring reporting to ensure delivery of all expected files as countries were implemented into production.


  • Compliance obligations were met for delivering files from multiple countries to new AML solution resulting in improved compliance.
  • Watch list filtering of customer base converted to automated process for completed countries.
  • More sophisticated transnational monitoring models implemented resulting in tighter controls.

Other benefits:

Enhanced functionality applied to Landing Zone and Data Management System components that could be leveraged across all data services areas.

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