GenerationZ’ers are defined as people born post 1994/6, which means they are currently or will be entering the workforce about now. While most people are on the “new ideas, fresh thinking and innovation craze”, I am not convinced that everything is ok just yet. Read more
The ‘Scientific Management’ method by Fredrick W Taylor in 1911, focuses on training the worker for economic efficiency and improved productivity Read more
During a chat with a Development Manager about delivering software, I was reminded of how they dealt with Al Capone in the movie, The Untouchables. Read more
Recently, I worked with a team in an organisation that had just adopted Agile Methods. During my initial interaction with them, they identified concerns regarding the team’s structure and the relative strength of the current Agile teams. Read more
By now, everyone knows how critical teamwork is, whether it is a school project, a sports team, or in a work environment – the way that a team communicates and how well team members collaborate can make or break their progress towards achieving their goals. Read more