“A fool with a tool is still a fool”, or so the saying goes… yet there is a smorgasbord of agile tools available in the market. The fact that new ones keep popping up and the existing ones are thriving must indicate the popularity of and distinct need for these tools. Read more
The optimum outcome of a retrospective or any improvement workshop is to identify opportunities for improvement. The standard approach that most teams will follow, is to identify a number of problems, then prioritise and pick one or two to solve. From my experience, the majority of the time is spent identifying the problems and an incorrectly proportioned amount of time is dedicated to finding the root cause and then coming up with a solution. Read more
It is that time of the year when we reflect on the story we wrote in 2017, and start thinking about what we could do better next year. It’s usually quite easy to come up with a whole list of things when you are in the middle of your holiday. Free time leads to thoughts wandering, which leads to ideas, to goals, and action, which in turn leads to a better life. Read more
Every so often, I find myself thinking about this comment passed by a Product Owner I worked with previously. I was incredibly passionate about our vision, and it was crucial to me for our team to succeed. Read more
During the last few months, I worked closely with a colleague at a large financial institution, we had conversations about our observations and experience in the Agile transformation the organisation is undergoing. Read more
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